Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A family of Hats!

So I've been working on all of these hats for a friend, but in between I made a little family of hats for my husband, my daughter and me. They are super awesome, and perfect for the spring and summer months. Done in cotton yarn, I crocheted them pretty quickly. I like the way that cotton crochets up; it's nice and easy to grab with the hook, and it makes a really nice looking hat. I also worked up a really cute flower for my daughter's hat and added a button from my grandmother's button box. 
I made my hat a bit big, so I may redo it, but right now it's perfect to cover my hair that is quickly thinning from Chemo. I put some more button box finds on mine, and I like the way they look on the yellow hat. 
My husband's favorite color is orange, so when I went to the yarn clearance at Michael's and found Sugar and Cream yarn for 75 cents a ball, I scooped up a bright orange one for his hat. I am still searching for a vintage Harley Davidson button or patch for his hat, but I'll find one at some point. 
I decided to enter my lovely hats into the Lil Blue Boo / Dharma Trading Design Challenge over on I'm not sure if it fits all the qualifications, as there isn't a whole lot going on, but I feel my embellishments are creative. I love making the little flowers, they are so fun to crochet and work up in as little as a few minutes. So here we are in all our glory, looking out over the field in front of our house. 
And here is the collage of all the hats that I am submitting to the contest. 
I can't wait to see all the other entries. And check out her blog too! She makes the most amazing clothes for kids. I have some of her patterns that I can't wait to make for my little girl this summer. 
Well, off to catch the little one, she has crawled off somewhere again. 


  1. What a cool web site (or blog?) I love how you laid out the 'collage'.

  2. I LOVE the hats! Super cute. Your's really suits you. Did you know you were a hat person?

  3. I love those hats! very strong spirit you have even with your illness! I will be getting some for my boys!