Ugllove is a collection that developed when I had my daughter, Saoirse (pronounced seer-sha). She is a summer baby, and was in just a diaper and a onsie for the first few months of her life. Living in New England, it gets cold quickly in the fall, so I started to put socks on her feet. She hated them. She pulled or wiggled them off  whenever she could. And once she started putting her feet in her mouth, forget it. I couldn't keep anything on her feet. So I got out some scrap fabric and the scissors and cut out a pair of booties. I stitched them together and ta-da, the ugliest booties I had ever seen. But they were so warm, and very cute on her feet, and she loved them. I refined the shape, and ended up with a warm and cozy bootie that she couldn't pull or wiggle off. No more lost socks or shoes, no more cold feet. It was the perfect solution. And the Uglboo was born. I knew other moms who were looking for a similar solution, so I decided to share them with the world. I hope that other kids love their Uglboos as much as my daughter does.