Sizing & Care

We have tried to be as accurate as possible with our sizing, however all children are uniquely shaped, and grow at different rates. If you would like guidance on sizing, don't hesitate to email us at kezia (dot) ugllove (at) gmail (dot) com. 

One good way to determine size is by the size of clothing your child is wearing. If you are close to changing sizes, you may want to order the next size up for longer wear. If your child has very skinny ankles, please note it when you purchase. If you child has larger ankles, you can simply adjust the fit by snipping a stitch or two at the ankle when you try them on, customizing them for your child. 

Premie - These are for very small babies, under 7 lbs. 
0-3 months - for average size babies this age (roughly 7-11 lbs)
3-6 months - for average size babies this age (roughly 11-15 lbs)
6-9 months - for average size babies this age (roughly 15-18 lbs)
9-12 months - for average size babies this age (roughly 19-24 lbs)

Fit Guide
Here is our fit guide to help you customize your Uglboos for your child. 

Please remember that all Ugllove products are handmade, and should be treated with some care. Hand wash, or wash in the machine on delicate, using cold water and a mild detergent. Hang or lay flat to dry. 

It is the nature of fleece fabric to pill and matte with use. This happens very quickly, so please don't be alarmed. They will still be warm and cozy for as long as your child wears them.