Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The official test version

So, at the end of the last post, I mentioned that I tweaked the pattern to get the next version of the Uglboo. I decided that I needed to be able to sew them on the machine, both for safety (Saoirse kept getting her fingers in the hand stitches), and for durability. So I widened the base a bit and altered the shape a little on the top of the foot, and viola - the official test version. I will be handing these out to some new moms that I know to try. Once I get some feedback, I'll work on finalizing a pair to sell online. Then everyone can have some! here are what the testing pairs look like. 

Saoirse loves these because they match her orange Thirsties diaper cover! I can't wait for other people to try these and to see if other moms and babies like them as much as Saoirse and I do. 

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